Hello Stranger is more than just a space, it’s a feeling. It’s a reverent throwback to a time where the crackling of a record spinning filled the living room, when young women and men put on their best digs to see Ritchie Valens and Thee Midnighters play at The Hop and families gathered along Whittier Blvd to see the custom made, candy colored, low riders cruise by bajito y sauvecito.

What we’re bringing to you with Hello Stranger is a gift from the past reimagined through the lens of modern design, innovative drinks and playful takes on traditional food. It’s what makes you sway, anything with a heavy dose of soul from boogaloo to funk and everything in between.

Hello Stranger is a an oasis from the noise, the bad vibes and the bullshit. We’re here to bring back that smile, that smile you get when you get lost swaying to your favorite song and the moment is yours. And while our inspiration comes from memories of the past, we’re here to make memories for the future. All are welcome. All are encouraged to get down.